Greece - TEAM A

  1. We live in Trikala, in Central Greece.

  2. One of the most beautiful places is the Akropolis with the Parthenon, along with the Akropolis Museum, and Meteora in Thessaly.

  3. Athens is the capital of our country.

  4. In our country live about ten million people.

  5. Alexander the Great was a Greek hero in ancient times. He managed to conquer a large amount of land with a very small army.

  6. The caretta caretta sea turtle is an endangered species which lives in Greece. In forests live deer, rabbits, wild goats, foxes, wolves and a lot of birds.

  7. Tennis and basketball are our typical sports.

  8. The most typical dishes in our country are green beans, moussaka, and souvlaki.

  9. Our city is famous of Asklipios, an ancient doctor from Trikala.

  10. Our city is situated in central Greece.

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  12. Our favorite place in Trikala is the Central Square, because a lot of people meet there.

  13. About seventy thousand people.

  14. The weather in our town is usually sunny and hot during summer, rainy and cold during winter. 

  15. In our school there are about three hundred students.

  16. We usually go to Greek islands with our family.

  17. We would live in Athens.

  18. A. Our teacher has talked to us about Auschwitz and Birkenau army camps with the Jews.

B. We know about Swedish cars.


  1. We live in Trikala, Greece.

  2. The most beautiful places in our country are the Akropolis, the Parthenon, the Akropolis Museum, Crete and the islands (exotic coasts, clean sea, archaeological sites). Also, other places in Thessaly such as the Plastira lake, Meteora and Olympus Mountain.

  3. The capital of our country is Athens.

  4. There are 11.000.000 people in Greece.

  5. The famous people that come from my country are: Alexander the Great, Odysseus, Lefteris Petrounias (athlete), Thomas Mavros (football player), Bouboulina (fighter in the revolution of 1821), Tsitsanis (composer), Halepas (artist), Aristofanis (comedy writer) and Antetokoumpo.

  6. The animals that live in my country are wolves, bears, foxes, caretta caretta, monachus-monachus, dogs, cats, fish, dolphins, goats, sheep, birds, rabbits, wild boars and deer.

  7. Football, basketball, water polo, volleyball and handball.

  8. Gyros, souvlaki, beans soup, batzina (pumpkin pie), tzatziki, sausages, tomatoes, feta cheese, greek salad and lentils.

  9. My city is famous of the rocks and the monasteries of Meteora, the Tsitsanis Museum, the Osman Sah Mosque, the Mill of the Elves during Christmas, Varoussi (the old city), and the park of Saint-George church.

  10. Our city is situated in the centre of Greece.

  11. Our favourite place is the river Litheos.

  12. About 100.000 people in the prefecture of Thessaly.

  13. Two hundred and seventy.

  14. We go on holidays to Volos and Thessaloniki.

  15. When we grow up we want to live in a villa in Spain.

  16. Berlin is the capital of Germany. We know Bayern and Dortmund, the football teams, Franfurt sausages, beer; also, it shares borders with Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. 

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm in the North of Europe. It borders with Norway, Finland and Denmark.


1.We live in Trikala, Greece.

2. In Athens there are the Akropolis, the Parthenon and the Akropolis Museum. Also, in Crete and islands there are nice coasts, clean sea, archaeological sites. Moreover, in Thessaly visitors can admire nature in Plastira lake and monasteries in Meteora. In Macedonia, there is the Olympus mountain, the Macedonian Tombs in Vergina, the White Tower in Thessaloniki, in Olympia the place where the ancient Olympic Games took place. 

3. The capital of my country is Athens.

4. In our country there are about 11 million Greeks.

5. Some famous people of our country are: Alexander the Great, Asklepius, Leonidas, Pericles, Aristophanes, Hercules, Efklides.

6. Forest animals: endangered species of birds, bears, wolves, deer, wild goats, foxes.

Sea animals: dolphin, caretta caretta, sea turtle, monachus monachus seal.

7. In our country sports are: basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, tennis and tae kwon do. 

8. Gyros, souvlaki, moussaka, greek olive oil, batzina and peas.

9. My town is famous of Asklepiion, the clinic of doctor Asklepius and the Mill of the Elves at Christmas.

12. My favourite places in my city are the Mill and Apollonos Street. 

13. About 70.000 in town and 100.000 in the prefecture.

14. There are 270 students in my school.


1. We live in Trikala, Greece.

2. The most beautiful places are the Akropolis, the Parthenon, the islands, the Macedonian Tombs in Vergina, Meteora, and ancient Olympia.

3. The capital of our country is Athens.

4. The population in Greece is about eleven million Greeks.

5. Famous people are: Alexander the Great, Odysseus, Asklepius, Homer, Pericles, Iktinos and Callicrates, Constantine the Great, Odysseus Elitis and Lefteris Petrounias. 

6.A lot of animals live in our country such as the endangered species of caretta caretta, the sea turtle, bears, wolves, foxes, wild goats, deer, wild boars, dolphins, the monachus monachus seal.

7. In Greece the sports are football, basketball, and volleyball. 

8.Typical meals are moussaka, gyros, pumpkin pie, beans and olives. 

9. In our town the famous monuments are the Venetian Fortress and the clock tower, the statue of Asklepius, and the Mosque.

10. It is located in Central Greece and is divided by the river Litheos.

12. Our favourite place is the Mill of the Elves.

13. In our town live about 70.000 people. In the prefecture there are about 100.000.

15. About 270 students.

16. We spend our holidays in our beautiful beaches and on the mountains. 

18. Germany is a beautiful country and shares borders with Poland, Switzerland, and Czech Republic.