In all phases of the project, we want to show the children at the participating schools how to eat

healthier food, that healthy food can also be delicious, how to use herbs and vegetables (partly from

their own school gardens or from the ERASMUS- garden) during cooking, that movement in the fresh

air, for example in the breaks on the schoolyard and in the spare time, can lead to a better body

feeling and to mental performance increase. We will make funny games together, show students

easy ways of relaxation, which they can then use in the afternoon in their spare time.

In order to activate the environmental awareness, we want to show the pupils how to separate or

even avoid garbage. For this we will set up separate waste separation systems in all classes involved

in the project. These experiences can then be transferred to their parents' homes.

Another aspect is the international aspect. Realizing that children across Europe work together to

achieve the same goals gives meaning to the project. Finding new friends by making the world a little

bit smaller (or bigger, depending on how you see it!) is also an important task.