”Health questionnaire” – questions about food, exercise and sleep


1) How do you mostly get to school? 

I walk.    I ride a bike.    I go by bus.    I go by car. 

Other alternative:

2) What do you do at breaktime?

3a) Are you physically active in your free time?

Yes   No    If yes, please answer 3b and 3c.

b) What do you do?

c)  How often? 

Every day.     A few times a week.     Once a week.

Other alternative:

4) How often do you have breakfast?

Every day.     Sometimes.     Never.

5) What do you have for breakfast?

6) What kind of food do you think is healthy? Name three things!

7) What kind of food do you think is unhealthy? Name three things!

8) Do you consider your food intake healthy?

Yes   No

9a) Do you throw away any of your food at school?

Yes   No    If yes, please answer 9b.

9b) Why?

Not enough time to eat.     Because I took too much.     Because I didn’t like it. 

Another alternative:

10) What time do you go to bed in the evening?

11) What time do you get up in the morning?

12a) Do you normally sleep well?

Yes    No 

12b) If not, why do you think?