1. Where do you live?

2. What is/are the most beautiful places in your country?

3. What is the capital of your country?

4. How many people live in your country?

5. What famous people come from your country? (scientists, 

    explorers, sportsmen, celebrities, composers, etc.)

6.  What animals live in your country?

7.  What sport is typical for your country?

8.  What are the most typical meals/ food in your country?

9.  What is your city famous for?

10. Where is situated your city?

11. What is the history of your city?

12. What is your favourite place in your city?

13. How many people live in your city?

14. What climate is in your town?

15. How many students are in your school?

16. Where do you spend the holidays?

17. Where would you like to live when you are adult?

18. What do you know about:

a. Germany,

b. Sweden,

c. Greece

d. Poland?